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Brief information about the Yaroslavl

Preceded by Viking sites such as Timerevo from the 8th or 9th centuries, the city of Yaroslavl is said to have been founded in 1010 as an outpost of the Principality of Rostov Veliky, and was first mentioned in 1071.

Capital of an independent Principality of Yaroslavl from 1218, it was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Moscow in 1463. In the 17th century, it was Russia’s second largest city, and for a time (during the Polish occupation of Moscow in 1612), the country’s de facto capital.

Today, Yaroslavl is an important industrial center (petrochemical plant, tire manufacturing plant, diesel engines plant and many others) and lies at the intersection of several major highways, railways, and waterways.

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Beautiful city!
And the music is just fantastic!!!!