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Brief information about the Siukh

Mountains of the central part of Middle Dagestan, between the Avarsky and Andiysk rivers, in their lower reaches, the Khunzakh plateau rises. It is an extensive, approximately 26 km long and 8 – 10 km wide plain, dissected by water erosion. It is located at an altitude of 1700 – 2200 meters above the world ocean level. On three sides the plateau is covered by mountain ranges: in the northeast – Tanusdirilbal (Butzulderilbal), in the south-west – Akaro, Taloko, in the south – Ittleamiger, on the east of Chile. From the north-west and south, this plateau ends with cliffs, often of enormous height.

The village of Siukh is located in 20 km. from the district center to the west. It is surrounded by mountains from the south and a hard rock rock from the west. The Sioch village has a record of about 2000 years. Then it was called “Gorki Siukh” (Lower Siukh), it was 1.5 km away from the present village. As a result of continuous wars, it was burnt, and people moved higher, approximately in the period from 1410-1430. After these events, the first foundation of the new village was laid on the site where the house of Makhimiul is now located. According to some sources, the person who laid the beginning of the new village was Imanil Gumar (Umar son of Iman). The counting of the new village totals about 600 years. The location was more convenient to defend against external enemies.

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Incredible! How people live there!?!?